Your Personal Development

Have you started or are you considering a new career or interest and feel overwhelmed by the process or scared that you haven’t got what it takes to achieve the career of your dreams?

Many people dream of a career in the holistic, beauty & nail industry but are apprehensive about the prospect of returning to education.

Do you struggle with time management or study skills?
Maybe you didn’t have an easy time at school and believe that you can’t achieve?
Or perhaps you’re worried that you won’t be any good at the practical skills.

It’s usual to have days where you feel overwhelmed especially when starting your learning journey or building a business. Taking care of other people’s needs can take its toll on you, and it’s important to ensure you look after yourself. Improving your awareness and identifying and creating strategies to cope, as well as learning how to learn, is essential to your growth and personal development to ensure longevity in your career both in mind and body to help you feel happy, healthy and fulfilled.

Pillar 1 is all about ensuring the health & well-being of the therapist. This section covers personal development and includes modules around the skills and attributes therapists and technicians need to learn to prepare for a career in the industry.

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Does exam worry stop you from learning?
Do you worry a lot about exams?
Do you fear that you may fail exams, even though you have revised?
Do you feel that you are being overwhelmed by the pressure that you feel with exams?
Does your mind go blank in exams?

Find out about the differences in nail systems and which ones you need to learn.
Take one of the online anatomy classes to learn about the structure of the nail unit.
Discover what is involved in gaining a qualification and how you can secure your place to change your career or gain a new interest.

Reflexology is the practice of applying pressure to the feet and hands utilizing specific thumb, finger and hand techniques without the use of oil, cream or lotion. Take this FREE discovery course to find out more.

Holistic & beauty treatments can be physically tiring if you are not using your body correctly. Core exercises will ensure you don’t become injured.

Repetitive strain can be debilitating. Hand, wrist, shoulder and neck exercise can ensure nail technicians health & well-being.

Brain profiling is a means of identifying yours and others thinking preferences. This information provides great insights into relationships with customers, colleagues and team members, providing a powerful tool for increasing personal effectiveness, communication and negotiating skills.

‘Positive Psychology’ is about helping you believe that change can happen. Everyone can tap into their true potential to guide them towards being their best self to feel happier, more confident and in charge of their life and how they want to live it.

No time for you? Get back in the driving seat and think more clearly, create new strategies to help you save time. Help you to set goals and break them down into achievable chunks.

Don’t let lack of confidence hold you back. Build your confidence, communicate more effectively, empower yourself to set goals and achieve the things in life that make you happy.

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