Rebecca Orme

After starting my career in the nail industry 21 years ago, I worked freelance as a mobile nail technician. I quickly found my specialty lay in acrylic enhancements and the designs I offered were loved by my clients who had not seen anything like what I was doing before. After a few years ‘doing nails’ I found a brand of product I loved and was approached to apply to be a distributor for the brand, which I have not looked back since. My new distribution business was bringing me a lot of enquiries for classes so the nail techs I was supplying could learn to do the nails I was showing them and my teaching career began. I was the fastest educator to reach the elusive ‘International Master Artist Educator’ level in the history of the brand, and subsequently went on to be the lead educator in the UK team and became the one responsible for teaching the new educators coming into the brand.

In the years I have become an assessor as well, and these days I run my own academy, teaching accredited nail courses and assessing those wanting a formal qualification.

On days I’m not teaching you may find me at London Fashion Week or on set with a celebrity doing their nails ready for a photoshoot.

I have a huge passion for nails and love what I do, as every day is different, I offer expert, factual information on my courses, with my ethos being based around the ‘how’ and the ‘why’ – when you know the how and the why, you can troubleshoot anything!

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